The mission of the Interdisciplinary University of Paris (UIP) is to disseminate and bring into contact different visions of the world based on the study of contemporary scientific paradigms, mainly in the area of astrophysics, quantum physics, the theory of evolution, the neuro-sciences and the philosophies of the spirit. Read more


Science & the Search for Meaning

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Statement by Professor Bernard d’Espagnat At The Templeton Prize News Conference

Ladies and Gentlemen First of all let me express my most heartfelt thanks to the John Templeton Foundation and let me tell President Templeton how deeply I feel honored at having received this prestigious prize, aimed at rewarding a significant


Speech for the diner in Honor of Bernard d’Espagnat

When Jack Templeton informed me that my nomination of Bernard d’Espagnat for the Templeton Prize was successful, I must say that it was one of my life biggest joys! And this for 2 reasons: First, of course, because of the


Science and Transcendence

by Michael HELLER, Priest and physicist, member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences A fundamental text by one of the great specialists in the area of Science and Religion. LIMITS OF LANGUAGE AND COMMON SENSE We all are realists. If


Science and Spirituality: Doing and Being

by Praveen Chaudhari, Former Director of Research at IBM An approach to spiritual values from a Hindu perspective by a leading computer scientist Mind Set : There are a number of reasons : for doing this : these ancient observations


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